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Eleven, founded in 1999 by Jeff Payne, is a boutique audio post-production facility located in Los Angeles.


In 2022, After 24 years in Santa Monica, Eleven purchased a building in West LA and built out 3 brand new studios.


Revered by top advertising agencies and editorial shops for its commitment to creativity and client service, Eleven has a long standing reputation as an industry leader in sound mixing and sound design for commercials, television, film, and new media.


Eleven’s clients are drawn not only to the unparalleled talent of its mixers, staff and technology, but also to the culture and intimate vibe that the atmosphere of the studios and facilities provide.

Reflecting the humor of its founder, Eleven was named as an homage to Spinal Tap. (Not familiar? Do a little research).


Jeff Payne 2_edited_edited.png

Jeff Payne

Owner | Mixer | Sound Designer

Jordan Meltzer_edited.jpg

Jordan Meltzer

Partner | Mixer | Sound Designer

Marco Tornillo-2.jpg

marco tornillo


Andrew Smith.jpg

andrew smith


Melissa Brewer.jpg

melissa BREWER

executive producer


debbie romeo


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