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It's that time of the year which means we've teamed up with SoCal Honda and our friends at Secret Weapon again to sound design and mix these animated holiday spots. They are some of our favorites spots of the year! Not only are they fun and playful, but we incorporate a great deal of sound design and foley to help fill out the Christmas world and characters in these spots. Also a big shoutout to Thrice Noble, aka Gabe Sokoloff for composing and producing these lovable holiday tunes. And lastly, we're sending our love over to Stitch for yet another round of SoCal Honda spots <3 Happy Holidays Everyone!

Please click each thumbnail to watch the spot!


Staff Spotlight - Imani Franklin (Producer)

1. I have a degree in political science

2. I once won a division golf championship in high school. 3. I have a sibling with special needs. 4. I’m terrified of birds.

5. I’m obsessed with plain tart frozen yogurt.

What's New

Here's what we've been working on lately:

We teamed up with Amazon and Designory on a bunch of holiday spots featuring these Amazon boxes singing together in harmony. Target and our friends at Deutsch worked with singer/songwriter Sia to produce a catchy tune featured in the latest round of holiday spots that we mixed. We got goofy and tried to email Santa with BBDO in these funny AT&T spots. And last but not least, we cranked out another spot for Fallon and Silk which features a cool modern rendition of Queen's, "Don't Stop Me Now" by The Regrettes.

Click the screenshots below to check out some of these spots!

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