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June Newsletter



Call For Submissions

This summer we are hosting screenings to show off some of the creative projects we've been working on as of late. We are looking to add a few pieces to line-up so if you have anything in the works (shorts, music videos, PSA's, etc) that are in need of mix / sound design please get in touch!

The screening will be held at our Third Thursday on July 19th. Submit your work ASAP to:

Here’s a photo of the digs where the screening will be held:


Staff Spotlight - Jordan Hart (Client Services)

Ben Freer - Mixer

All About Jordan Hart

1. She has ten tattoos.

2. She grew up in the D.C. area.

3. She speaks fluent Pig Latin.

4. She could live off of french fries...or potatoes in general.

5. She's been the same height since the 6th grade.



Click to RSVP.

Third Thursday

What's New

Here's what we've been working on lately: We got down and dirty with Chevy and our friends at Commonwealth, we got helpful with Honda and the team at Secret Weapon, Zac and Adam helped us fight off hackers with Jonathan Banks and HP, and our voices were heard with BBH and Citizen Rose. Click the screenshots below to check out some of these great commercials!

Coke - Mural
Honda - Happy Hunting
HRB - Dustbowl

What We're Listening To Now

Summer has barely begun and we're already up to our eyes with great new music. Take a listen through the playlist that is guaranteed to cater to any one emotion you're feeling right now.


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