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April Newsletter



Spotlight: "The Method" featuring Jon Hamm, presented by Fallon Worldwide and H&R Block

We've seen him in Mad Men, we've seen him in Baby Driver, we've even seen him in Black Mirror. But what does it really take to be an actor? What does it really take to be Jon Hamm? We now have exclusive insight into the man, the myth, the legend, Jon Hamm himself.

Take notes people! Click to watch the video


Staff Spotlight - Andrew Smith (Assistant Mixer)

Ben Freer - Mixer

All About Andrew Smith

1. Despite being 6'5", he has never played basketball.

2. He grew up in Amish Country (but not actually Amish)

3. He's currently searching for the perfect vegan donut in LA.

4. He still enjoys building Lego sets.

5. He was taller than his 1st grade teacher.



Not going to Coachella this year? Don't stress, on April 19th, we're hosting our monthly Third Thursday "FAUX-CHELLA" Happy Hour. So grab your flower crown, your gladiator sandals, the sunglasses you'll lose, and make your way to Eleven where it's typically not 100 degrees.

Click to RSVP.

Third Thursday

What's New

Here's what we've been working on lately: We cracked open a cold one with Wieden & Kennedy and Coke, hopped in The Box with Saatchi NY on Walmart directed by Melissa McCarthy, learned about Serena William's roots with Weiden & Kennedy and Nike, and headed to the desert with Pharrell, Carbon and director Ben Newman for a track called Aries featuring Rae Sremmurd, Quavo, & Big Sean. We've also been busy at work on a new round of HP spots for Zac & Adam featuring Jonathan Banks. And you'll see a bunch of our Chevy spots on TV and the web from our friends at Commonwealth-McCann Click the screenshots below to check out some of these great commercials!

Coke - Mural
Honda - Happy Hunting
HRB - Dustbowl

What We're Listening To Now

If you already forgot or don't have an Instagram, Coachella is coming up so we assembled a playlist that features some of the acts and some new releases. No worries if you can't make it in person, at least you'll have this playlist to be there in spirit, sorta...


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