February Newsletter

February 6, 2018


A Brief History of Eleven and the Super Bowl


We've been working on Super Bowl spots for just shy of 20 years. Super Bowl 52 just passed....in other words, we've worked on has of all the Super Bowls. Well I guess math is a thing....so maybe not half, but you get the point. The Super Bowl season is about more than just the number of eyes, the budgets, or any of the hype. It's a time when people create some of their proudest work. We have over 200 Super Bowl spots in the books and here are some of our favorites.


Click each thumbnail for some Eleven ad history!




Mountain Dew - Mock Opera - (Super Bowl 2000)


 Chrysler - Born of Fire - (Super Bowl 2011)



 Kia - A New Way To Roll (Superbowl 2012)


Heinz - Weiner Stampede (Super Bowl 2016)

Wix - Restaurant (Super Bowl 2017)


Avocados from Mexico - #Guacworld (2018)

 Staff Spotlight -  Jordan Meltzer (Mixer/Sound Designer)



All About Jordan Meltzer


1. Has an honest true love for the San Fernando Valley

2. The first instrument he learned to play was the clarinet

3. Incorporates sound effects into his daily vocabulary

4. Surfs in the morning before work

5. This is the first song he remembers hearing...click here



Save the date February 15th, it's Third Thursday at Eleven. Come celebrate Mardi Gras with us a couple days late.  As if you really need a new excuse to party with us...


Click the flyer to RSVP!


What's New


Here's what we've been working on this past month:

This is our favorite time of the year here at Eleven because we have the pleasure of working on Super Bowl spots! This year we put avocados on everything with GSD&M, worked with T-Mobile, Laundry Service and a bunch of cute babies, and went "Happy Hunting" with SoCal Honda and Secret Weapon Marketing. Beyond the big game, we traveled through the Buttery Galaxy with Dollar Shave Club, and went HAM with Jon Hamm and our buddies at Fallon. We've also been working hard on new spots for HP, Amazon, Asics, Coke, and Hulu. 

Click the screenshots below to check out some of these great commercials!

What We're Listening To Now


It's only been a month and 2018 has delivered with some bangin' tunes.
The tracks below can be heard leaking out of Eleven's machine room mixed with the sounds of hard work!






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