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November Newsletter



Eleven welcomes Chef Gary to the kitchen!

Say hey to our newest staff member, Chef Gary. He’s a ninja in the kitchen and puts the art in artisanal. He was trained at Le Cordon Bleu and previously worked at Spago’s Beverly Hills, NOLA’s “A Taste of New Orleans”, and as the private chef for Kimora Lee Simons. With a rotating seasonal menu, he always keeps us guessing and coming back for seconds. Come try his Deep Fried French toast, Overstuffed Breakfast Burritos, or Bourbon Peach Cobbler...yep, he’s serious about this food bizness.


Staff Spotlight - Melissa Elston (Executive Producer)

Ben Freer - Mixer

All About Melissa Elston

1. Nickname: Rosé

2. She's practiced parkour for over 17 years

3. She was asked to resign from cheerleading...go figure?!

4. She's born and bred right here in Santa Monica, CA!

5. She's addicted to lip balm and Orbit Gum (but only the bubble mint flavor!)



Save the date November 16th, it's Third Thursday at Eleven. Kick off the season of over indulgence and partake in all the food and drink your heart (and stomach) can handle.

Third Thursday

What's New

Here's what we've been working on this past month:

We got into the holiday spirit with the Deutsch Target team - heart-warming animated toys come together to help build the perfect home for the holidays. Deutsch returned on the newest Nintendo campaign, featuring giant hammers, fire-breathing dragons, and lasers beams. Things got pretty intellectual with St. Vincent and her conversation with Los Angeles director Willo Perron, directed by Cara Stricker. And we hopped in for a ride with Lebron in the latest round of Intel spots with TBWA/Chiat Day.

Target - Holiday Launch
Nintendo - Close Call Combo

Intel - Fearless

What We're Listening To Now

Here's a collection of cool songs to coat you through this blasé Los Angeles breeze. It's officially the time of the year where you can hide in both a sweater and sunglasses.

Be thankful for this magical time!


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