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Heat Wave vs. Cold Brew staff cage match...Cold Brew wins.

Ben Fr


Staff Spotlight - Ben Freer (Mixer)

Ben Freer - Mixer

All About Ben Freer

  1. Loves growing vegetables & flowers

  2. He's in multiple basketball leagues around LA

  3. Wore shorts for a full year when I was in 5th grade for a $1 bet

  4. Has tea time, daily

  5. He definitely has a crush on Angela Lansbury


What's New

Here's what we've been working on this past month:


We've had the pleasure of working on spots including Fitbit, Lorde, HP, and "Run the Neighborhood," a NBA 2K18 commercial featuring basketball legends like Kyrie Irving, Paul George, Isaiah Thomas, and other tall dudes!

Click the pictures to check all this cool stuff out!

Lorde - Perfect Places

NBA 2k18
Fitbit - What Moves You

What We're Listening To Now

Okay guys... Here's the deal.. Game of Thrones has been ripped from thine hands, Twin Peaks has left us with more questions than answers, Summer is ending and nothing will ever be the same.. Here's a collection of some tunes so you can soak up all that nostalgia. Do yourself a favor and sponge it up y'all..


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